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ABOUT LOVE PSYCHIC DJ OWNBEYArticle published about D.J. Ownbey in Cleveland Magazine

DJ Ownbey

DJ Ownbey is a Master Love Psychic. DJ comes from a talented family line of transformational Love Psychics, being the great grandson of famous European psychic Lucia Frabotta. DJ Ownbey channels his talents to provide a framework for positive change for his clients – helping them to understand their own personalities and the problems their present lives prevent for their chances of finding true love, as well as helping them identify the type of person that their soul mate will be.

DJ Ownbey has helped hundreds of clients in countries all over the world. His Love Psychic consultations can be done via the Internet as well as in person, so don’t worry if you can’t get to his US base to be seen in person! Simply contact DJ through the site to arrange a web consultation at a time to suit you.

DJ Ownbey resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

A love for his hometown – and a desire to enlighten it – brought him back to Cleveland six years ago. “Cleveland is a Capricorn town. Were a little conservative here..” Ownbey says. “We need a little more of the psychic communities influence.”
Ownbey makes his living, reading his client’s futures in health money and love. But it’s the work he’s done for free that has made the most impact. Fifty-three murder cases have been solved with Ownbey’s ability to tap into his “superconsious” and witness events even after they’ve happened.

Ownbey doesn’t just “get a feeling.” He says, he experiences via all five senses another place and time. When Ownbey tells you that a new home is in your future. It’s because he smells fresh paint and newly laid carpeting. Ownbey a fourth-generation psychic says he inherited his gifts from his great-grandmother, Roman Psychic, Lucia Frabotta.

“Unfortunately (she) never lived to see the day when psychic abilities are very popular.” Ownbey says, “when people realize we don’t wear babushkas and earings.”

-By Candace Goforth

Cleveland Magazine’s Best of 1996 DEC 96; page 16